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In 1984 was conceived the idea as well as the foundation for the formation of the parents voice association was laid. Ten likeminded friends and individuals who constituted the ten founder member of parents’ voice at the time its registration with the social welfare department were motivated by Mrs. Farhat Ahmed, who was the mother of two mentally handicapped boys,

In the interests of society at large it was deduced that effected parents should have their own NGO, with membership restricted to effected parents only. It was decided that this institution should be non- commercial establishment and meant basically to provide facility for effectee’s from all strata of life. What started as an idea was brought on paper and with the help of the Almighty was eventually brought into physical existence. This was very important because at that time awareness regarding mental retardation was scarce and facilities even less.

In the early 80’s a 1000 sq.yd Plot was purchased from the Defence housing authority and on this plot was built a custom made building to house the first major project of Parents Voice Association. This project was named UJALA, a school of this nature in Karachi. The project attracted students from all walks of life as well as all parts of Karachi. It is running on similar guidelines even today. The charity element is rather high and needy students are sponsored through donors. Everything including transport is provided to all students and teachers


Children learn to smile from their parents.

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An opportunity for individual and collective donors to build a relation with responsibility. UJALA provides free education, training and transportation to students from all over Karachi.

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