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Parents Voice


The Parents Voice Association (PVA) was founded in 1984 by a group of 10 like-minded parents of individuals with disabilities. Keeping in mind the well-being of their children with disabilities and the society at large, it was decided that an institution or NGO had to be established which would directly cater to the concerns of parents registered with the PVA.

What is


UJALA – School for Children with Special Abilities and Vocational Training Centre was established in 1986 by the Parents Voice Association, aimed at supporting and nurturing differently-abled children in a society that was unaware and unprepared to care for such individuals. UJALA currently caters to individuals with Down syndrome, Autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The school is one of the oldest non-profit organizations within Karachi, providing holistic habilitative services for children with special needs, ranging from; Education, Early Childhood Intervention, Vocational Training, Behavior Therapy, Healthcare and a Job Placement Program.


Andehere me Karo UJALA

UJALA currently supports over 70 students with special abilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome and other Intellectual Disabilities in a facility spanning 1000 ft2. However, with limited resource allocation toward the social development sector and even fewer institutes catering to the holistic needs of individuals with special needs, the demand for UJALA’s services is high, whilst the capacity to continue to provide high-quality and subsidized services becomes limited by the day.

UJALA II is a state-of-the-art facility aimed toward inculcating a more holistic and integrated environment for our students with an expansion upon existing services by introducing a Birth Screening Centre, Rehabilitative Therapy Centre, Vocational Training Centre, Inclusive Education Centre and a Hostel wherein each child will be catered to with detailed and individualized education and therapy plans.

Spanning 4000 ft2, the land for UJALA II was allotted to the school’s expansion plan in 2020. For a cost effective and sustainable construction model we are eager to collaborate with organizations who are invested in empowering marginalized communities of Persons with Disabilities within Pakistan through UJALA, in terms of monetary or in-kind donations.

As a supporter, you can pledge your support for UJALA’s #brickbybrick initiative, by pledging a set number of bricks toward the new facility. Our team will get in touch with you upon receiving the following details:.

Help UJALA Grow Brick by Brick

10 Bricks–Rs.1000
100 Bricks–Rs.10,000
500 Bricks–Rs.50,000
1000 Bricks–Rs.100,000
5000 Bricks–Rs.500,000
10,000 Bricks–Rs.1,000,000

For corporate sponsorships, in-kind donations or further details on how you can support UJALA II, please get in touch with our team on 03044885252 or info@parentsvoice-association.org.